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Attended the Cologne Infant Products Exhibition in September, Germany

In September of this year, I participated in a baby products exhibition in Cologne, Germany. After returning from the exhibition, I briefly summarized my experience with this exhibition as follows:
Preparation before exhibition:
1. Company promotional materials, regular product quotation sheets, samples, business cards, and a list of customers who will come to their booth, laptops, calculators, staplers, pens, tape, sockets, etc. The preparation was quite complete, but the disadvantage was that the judgment on how many brochures should be used at the exhibition was not very accurate. I brought two small boxes, but only used half of them. When I returned, I brought back another box, which added a lot of burden on the way;
2. This time at the exhibition, we encountered an old customer who asked us to give them some small gifts, which really caught us off guard. When we went to the exhibition, we didn't prepare any small gifts for the customer. We should pay attention to this issue in the future. For old customers who will come to our booth, we can prepare some small gifts. In addition, we can also prepare some small gifts for customers with high intentions. It is best to have the company name and logo printed on these gifts, which can not only express your feelings but also leave an impression on customers.
Exhibition period:
1. For old customers who have already arranged to come to their booth, it is best to sit down and chat and ask if they are satisfied with the previous supply, if there are any areas that need improvement, or if there are any new requirements; Ask the other party about their future procurement plans; Finally, give some small gifts as a token of gratitude.
2. During the exhibition, you cannot wait for customers to come to you voluntarily. Customers who are looking outside the booth can take the initiative to invite the other party to visit inside. They should take the initiative to receive customers. Business cards must be given to customers, and they should try to leave their network contact information. The email is the most important. If there is no email on the business card, it is important to have the customer write it on the business card, preferably with an MSN or SKYPE, so as to facilitate future contact. When chatting with customers, it is best to understand the company nature of the other party Main purchased products and basic requirements. Staple each customer's business card onto a notebook single page, and briefly note the products and basic information that the customer needs. Mark out key and general customers, so that when you contact them back, you can know the general situation by looking at the records. For both primary and secondary customers, you can provide targeted company introductions and quotes for the products they are interested in.
3. People who come to the exhibition usually come for one or two days. If they have a visit to your booth on the first day but have little intention, then the next day when you see them again, be sure to invite them to sit inside, take a look at the samples, and have a detailed discussion.
4. For quotations brought to the exhibition, we cannot provide them to customers casually. If there are indeed interested customers, they must request that those who provide quotations at the exhibition can make their own reference. If they can calculate the price themselves, it is best to directly calculate it with a calculator to reflect our professionalism. Additionally, we need to inform the customer that this price is only for reference and is valid for a few days. You can contact them again after returning, Provide customers with detailed product information and accurate quotations. But the brochure must ask the customer to bring one and bind their business card on it so that they can browse it after returning home. If they are interested in our product and want to know more, they can directly refer to the contact information on the business card.
5. If possible, try to leave a photo of the customer at our booth. If you contact the customer later, you can send a photo to deepen their impression of us.
Post exhibition tracking:
Tracking after the exhibition is quite important.
1. After returning to the company, immediately organize and archive all business cards, classify important and general customers, and then provide targeted responses to each customer. Key customers generally have specific product needs, and can provide detailed product information and quotations for products they are interested in. For general customers, they can introduce the company situation and send product catalogs according to the situation, For customers who have already responded, it is important to communicate and contact them promptly and effectively. For customers who have not responded, they need to send another email. If they still do not respond, they can contact the customer by phone or text message.
2. The customer information obtained at the exhibition is relatively authentic, and most customers are interested in the product.

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