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Cotton yarn-dyed Chaoyang grid fabric dominates the sales of cotton fabric in the city

Recently, a new type of "all cotton yarn-dyed Chaoyang grid fabric" has emerged in China's Zhili Cotton Market, attracting numerous merchants with its new appearance. Not only is spot buying and selling active, but there is also an increasing number of sample selection and bulk orders.
It is understood that this product uses 32S * 32S cotton yarn as the raw material and uses a checkered plain weave structure. Weaving on a rapier loom, it is processed through major processes such as dyeing, weaving, and finishing. This fabric has won the trust of urban and rural consumers with its advantages of comfortable wearing, easy care, softness without wrinkles, good usability, and charming pattern. There are mainly three types of patterns: large, medium, and small. This product has a width of 145cm and weighs approximately 280 grams per meter of cloth. The wholesale price per meter of cloth is currently around 15.00 yuan in the market. It is suitable for making fashionable fabrics for women's suits and dresses. The reason why all cotton color woven Chaoyang grid fabric has become popular in the market is mainly due to the color weaving method and impeccable quality; Next is the beauty of the grid and the ability to embellish character. The upper body is not only impressive, but also showcases a luxurious and elegant style. Shortly after its listing, Shandong, Beijing, Liaoning, Guangdong, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places successively came here for wholesale.

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